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KAMEN RIDER PIRAZAURUSU KAIJIN SOFUBI - JAPAN VINTAGE CA. 1971. Personal collection from my childhood spent in Japan. ‘Shōoka’ translates as ‘Shocker,’ an evil organisation whose influence stretches to all corners of the world. The secret base is located in a remote area in Japan. Shocker is truly a terrifying organisation which plans to alter humans in countries all over the world and use them as pawns for global domination! Now, one can fully appreciate the task Kamen Rider is faced with. With each episode a new ‘Kaijin’ or ‘Monster Being’ is introduced. Each Kaijin was imbued with special traits which made them a challenge to deal with. The Pirasaur ‘theorised to have lived deep in South America long ago,’ was lizard-like creature that emitted a poisonous vapour so toxic that it was able to kill a large dinosaur within seconds. Within Shocker’s chambers we witness this creature spraying its toxic vapour at a venomous scorpion which quickly succumbs, the Pirasaur quickly devouring it. Shocker’s initial attempts in creating a Pirasaur + human + cyborg hybrid were met with several failures for within moments of Shocker’s scientists introducing the Pirasaur’s poisonous components the Kaijin would perish unable to tolerate the toxicity. This two-part episode opens with a seemingly successful ‘Pirazaurusu’ Kaijin impersonating a bus driver with its shapeshifting ability - Shocker’s experiment to test the ‘death mist.’ Pirazaurusu sprays the death mist through a pore located at the base of the fin on its head and all of the passengers on the bus are reduced to bleached white skeletons within moments! Not a complete success for Pirazaurusu has died as well unable to withstand the ‘death mist generator’ implanted in him. The Shocker computers are consulted to find a more suitable host, a human subject able to withstand the toxicity of the death mist - the computer results points to fit 28 year old wrestler. Shocker abducts the wrestler and the Shocker scientists create the ultimate Pirasaurusu, one with extraordinary strength and high tolerance to its own poisons. Adopting his human form and under the guise of ‘Satan Mask,’ Pirasaurusu continues as a pro wrestler. During a wrestling match Shocker’s plan is to assassinate a group of influential Japanese elite in the audience utilising Pirasaurusu’s death mist. The referee announces Satan Mask and to everyone’s surprise Kamen Rider uncloaks to reveal he will be the opponent! At a crucial moment Kamen Rider employs a well-aimed ‘Rider Kick!’ which neutralises the Pirasaurusu Kaijin and he returns back to human form. Pirasaurusu is complete with his Shocker belt and boots. There is a mis-mould on the back of head, a small hole at the base of the fin where an air bubble formed or where the molten vinyl did not flow properly. Head, arms and legs are articulated. Approximate measurements; 10” (25.4cm) in height x 5 1/2” (13.97cm.) in arm span. This and other Kamen Rider figures I will be listing have been played with and exhibit wear consistent with their 49 year age. Not many ‘Sofubi’ survive from this era and this is a rare opportunity to add original vintage Kamen Rider pieces to one’s collection. ‘Sofubi’ is the Japanese term for ‘Soft Vinyl’ - ‘Sofu’ = Soft + ‘bi’ (as in bee) = vinyl. ‘Bi’ is the shortened version of ‘binīru’ or vinyl. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground domestically and ’s Global Shipping Programme internationally.

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